Rasuwa Relief

Rasuwa Relief

Rasuwa Relief provides post-earthquake relief in both the immediate and long term to villages across Rasuwa - a district of Nepal's Central Development Region that is both severely affected by the 25 April 2015 earthquake and currently underserved by the aid community. This relief includes: direct humanitarian assistance for communities severely affected by the earthquake and subsequent avalanches, landslides, etc.; expert consultation on location designations for structural rebuilding efforts; and ongoing collaborative support for the durable reconstruction of villages and human security for communities throughout Rasuwa. To effectively and equitably support both short and long-term assistance to communities across the district, Rasuwa Relief will provide initial humanitarian relief at the rate of 33% to villages in the Langtang Valley and 67% to communities in other areas of Rasuwa, particularly the parts of Upper Rasuwa currently inaccessible. To bridge the gap between current and long-term needs, Rasuwa Relief will allocate 30-40% of resources for immediate disaster relief (depending on needs) and then the remaining funds will be dedicated toward long-term reconstruction in places like Langtang village. Overall, our efforts will be oriented towards both immediate triage and long-term spatial equity, towards combating persistent forms of socio-spatial exclusion, and towards facilitating a consistent flow of funds over time to support longer-term relief efforts.

DROKPA is partnering with Rasuwa Relief to ensure that donations of $500 or more can be tax-deductible. If you would like to give at this amount to Rasuwa Relief, please make a donation to DROKPA and indicate "Rasuwa Relief" on the Paypal submission or on your check.

If you would like to support Rasuwa Relief's efforts with a more modest contribution, visit their Gofundme site.

Rasuwa Relief founders and members maintain an active Facebook Group, so if you are on Facebook, we encourage you to join this group!