Relief, Rebuilding, Resilience

Help us respond to the Nepal Earthquakes

Along with grassroots partners and individuals on the ground in Nepal, DROKPA is working to respond to the devastating earthquakes that have shaken the country since April 25, 2015 (7.8 magnitude quake). The people of Nepal have witnessed more than 200 seismic events in the first month since this quake. Nearly 9,000 people have lost their lives. Thousands of healthcare structures and schools have been destroyed, along with more than half a million homes, displacing or making vulnerable more than 2.5 million Nepalis. The earthquakes caused widespread damage to highways and road networks; glacial lakes are in danger of bursting; landslides are a constant threat, and have continued to wipe out settlements; hydroelectric dams have been damaged; water borne illness and other public health challenges loom as the monsoon approaches.

Even so, Nepalis are showing incredible resilience, creativity, and deep commitments to helping each other through this suffering. We have been moved as people from less affected areas reach out across their country to support those in more dire need, such as the Mustang Youth Club and the Students of Dolpo caring for their fellow Nepalis in Dolakha and Sindhupalchok Districts. This is the spirit that will rebuild Nepal with dignity, integrity, and newfound connection.

Call for Support

True to our mission, DROKPA is focusing its efforts on affected areas in the high mountain regions of Nepal. These are regions that have been historically underserved and marginalized by the Nepali government, and disaster relief and long-term response is no exception.

A first priority has been to raise funds to address damaged communities in Mustang, Nepal, beginning with Ghiling, one of the hardest-hit villages in Mustang, Nepal.

As funds allow, we will also direct support to villages that have been impacted in Dolpo, northern Gorkha District (Nubri and Tsum valleys), the Nar-Phu regions of Manang District. We are also partnering with Rasuwa Relief to assist communities in this severely damaged region of northern Nepal.

DROKPA is also supporting Nepal's amchi, practitioners of Tibetan medicine, in their efforts to respond to this suffering through deployment of mobile Amchi Medicine Clinics These clinics aim to provide not only Tibetan medicines and food but also offer psychosocial support through ritual practice to honor the dead and protect the living. This is culturally astute, mindful care for people whose wounds are at once physical and psychological - embodied trauma that can be well served by this medical tradition.

Finally, in order to encourage donations and to remind us of the beauty of Nepal, we are partnering with National Geographic and fine arts photographer Macduff Everton to offer unique gifts to those who donate at a minimum level of $500.

Please, consider donating to these efforts.